How do I get a divorce?

We are frequently asked by clients if they can represent themselves but too often we see people self-represent for their divorce or separation and receive less than they are entitled to due to lack of confidence in themselves and lack of knowledge of the legal system.

This is why we have created A Lesson in Family Law, a do-it-yourself divorce service to give you the knowledge you need for your specific case to learn how to separate from your partner. Not only do we give you legal advice: we teach you how to self-represent in your own family law matter for child custody, financial settlement and domestic violence.

In our unique one hour lesson, we follow a structured process with specific questions that are tailored to obtain the exact information we need to give you the legal know-how to navigate through the Family Law Act and processes. We use our years of legal training and experience in family law to empower you to represent yourself with confidence and help you to reach a fair resolution to your legal problem. We provide you with the knowledge to know how to get divorced or how to separate without a lawyer.

So how do I learn to represent myself?

Step 1: Reach Out

Contact us online or give us a call and let us know that you want educate yourself on how to self-represent. Once you have paid the one-off fee, we will arrange a time that is suitable to you for your one hour education consultation either come into our office, meet us at a location local to you or arrange for a consultation via telephone or an online conferencing platform.

Step 2: Do Your Homework
In order to help you the best we can, you need to do some homework. Prior to your consultation, we provide you with a welcome pack that contains handouts and a worksheet that outlines all the information you need to provide us so we can design your tailored consultation. Fill out our worksheet for your specific case parenting, property or domestic violence and send it back to us so we can start preparing your specially designed lesson.
Step 3: Bring a Pen

When you attend for your consultation, be ready to take notes. In your welcome pack, we would have already provided with you the basic court and legal processes but take notes if you have any additional questions when reading through them. We are going to provide you with a lot of information and you are going to want to remember it all! If you want to represent yourself, you are going to need to learn:

  • The legal process
  • The law surrounding your legal problem
  • The options to resolve your issues
  • The possible and likely outcomes of your case
  • We are going to provide you with all of this knowledge at your consultation but you need to remember it.
Step 4: Achieve Your Goals

Put your knowledge into practice. Start negotiating, prepare your necessary documents or present your case in court. There are many variables as legal cases progress through the system. Our one-off consultation provides you with the broad and basic knowledge you need to represent yourself however circumstances can change. If something changes or becomes more complicated in your case, we are always here to help and provide more information. All you need to do is arrange another meeting with us and, because we already have your information, you just need to book a basic initial consultation for further advice.

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