Family Law 'How To Guides'

How To Get The House In A Divorce
When you are separating one of your burning questions might be how to get the house in a divorce. While we can't provide a fool-proof guide of 'how to get the house', we are experienced in asset division and can give you some tips about...
How To Calculate Spousal Maintenance
Spousal maintenance is a tricky area of law and many people are confused about who, how, what and why someone would be entitled to spousal maintenance. There are many intricate parts of these calculations, and of course each case is different, but...
How To Split Assets After Separation
While it is often the last thing on your mind, knowing how to split assets after separation is an important part of the separation process. The way the court deals with assets can be a little complicated but there are a few tips to help...
How To Get A Divorce
Once you are separated, the next step is finalising it through a divorce. The process can seem a bit tricky as there are a few intricacies in the process and certain aspects that need to be addressed before the court will...
How To Get A Separation Agreement
If you do not want to get a good family lawyer and battle your former partner in court then you probably want to know how to get a separation agreement. Whether it is in relation to children or finances, you should...
How To Get Custody Of My Children
The most important question that separating couples want to know is how to get custody of my children. This can depend on your individual case but there are several options to get started on fighting for...
How To Run A Domestic Violence Trial
It can be very difficult to know how to run a domestic violence trial as the court process can be very complicated and confusing if you are not familiar with it. Good family lawyers and the best domestic violence lawyer will...
How To Get A Consent Order
The Family Court process can be lengthy and expensive so a good family lawyer should try to help you get an agreement outside of court. To make an agreement official, you need to get a court order, known as a...

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